Virtual Reality, or VR as it is popularly known, is no longer an idea restricted to science fiction; it is available today, and brands are already making excellent use of it to tell captivating stories and engage their audience.

We know the advantages of Experiential Marketing for modern brands cannot be overstated; Virtual Reality is taking the experiential and marrying it with digital technology to bring key messages to life in a tangible, virtual world. This usually involves using 3D sound and special VR headsets.

The gaming industry was probably the earliest adopter of Virtual Reality. A technology that could transport gamers to a virtual world where they can interact with their gaming environment and characters was always going to be a game changer. And that’s exactly what VR is doing – changing the game.

Now VR is not just restricted to games; companies like Samsung, Sony, Google, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC and even Microsoft have made VR consumer-friendly, which means this technology can be applied in every walk of life, including medicine, military, education, entertainment, engineering, sport and of course events and marketing.

When it comes to experiential and event marketing, Virtual Reality is already proving quite successful for brands like Marriott, Qantas, Coca Cola, Hyundai, Red Bull and even Game of Thrones who created engaging VR-led experiential marketing campaigns that enjoyed immense popularity. Take a look!

Mariott Hotels - Virtual Honeymoon

Coca Cola - World Cup in Virtual Reality

Game of Thrones - Ascend the 'Wall'

Red Bull - Virtual Air Race

The VR and augmented reality markets are tipped to be worth US$150 billion globally by 2020, according to research by Digi-Capital. Expect Virtual Reality to assume a bigger role in marketing in the coming years and with virtual reality gear becoming more accessible and affordable every day, the technology could soon become ubiquitous.

The possibilities with Virtual Reality are endless; imagine how exciting conferences and exhibitions can become when attendees can interact with the presentation rather than just stare at boring Powerpoint slides or reading material?

VR Experiential Marketing campaigns are newsworthy, engaging and a novelty, especially here in the Middle-East.

Why not beat the competition and plan an immersive and captivating experiential marketing campaign or a unique event involving Virtual Reality today?

GEM has a number of creative experiential marketing ideas and exclusive tie-ups with event technology companies for everything from Virtual Reality, mobile apps for events, RFID and NFC wristbands and whole lot more. Talk to us!

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