Go football crazy in the UAE with the FIFA World Cup this June. From full fan parks and football festivals, to bespoke corporate functions, we can deliver a unique and exciting football event package. Here we give you some fun, interactive, themed ideas to help you with your World Cup activation.

1. Fan Zone Villages & Zones

A variety of entertainment, interactive games, performance stage, merchandise stalls, brand activations as well as F&B outlets can be set up within a dedicated World Cup fan zone. The site can feature a plethora of digital activations, photo opportunities and much more. Halftime show entertainment can range from LED performances or “glow” shows, to soccer drummers and football freestylers. Set up big screen TVs for guests to watch the game live and partake of the entertainment on offer.

Fan Zone

2. World Cup Street Takeover

Street Soccer

An entire street dedicated to World Cup fever, including a variety of entertainment, interactive games, performance stages, inflatable fun zones, F&B outlets and street dance crews. Complete with football inspired street graffiti, the street will feature food trucks, giant screen TV’s and seating areas in the shape of footballs.

Create football themed entertainment for events including football flash mobs, football boot tap dancers, male and female football tricksters, football jugglers and football target shooters. Laser shows, 3D projection mapping and fireworks can make up some of the nightly entertainment on offer.

Or why not hire a football cage, which allows you to take your love of football anywhere! Linked to the concept of ‘street sport’, football cages are perfect as they’re completely portable, easy to set up, and a unique addition to your event activation.

3. Football Cinema

The football cinema is a giant, inflatable 3D screen where you can watch the game live like never before. Or go above and beyond and set up a 3D immersive installation that adds extra dimension and transports your audience to the heart of the game.

4. Roadshow Activation

Lipton Football Field

Showcase your product and take it on the road decked out in true World Cup soccer style. We’re talking a branded bus or truck where you can create a pop-up activity centre with skills demonstrations, competitions and football challenges, all while incorporating your product and brand in the offering.

Lipton’s branded football bus combined both a unique opportunity to engage the Lipton brand around town, as well as combine an interactive landscape that allowed fans to take part in World Cup fever.


Social Media Vending Machine

Twitter or Instagram activated vending machines are a creative way to get guests to upload or tweet using your specific hashtag and user account, providing them with a free giveaway.

Social Media Dispenser

A miniature version of the social media vending machine. Using a similar concept, the dispensers are smaller and more affordable. Providing the same features, the dispensers will be crafted and stacked to your liking, using a hashtag, tweet or user tag of your choosing.

Social Media Vending Machine

Are You Fast Enough?

This activation can be used to promote any product or service. A locker is set up that will only open if guests run past it at a certain speed. As soon as they do, the locker door will unlock and get their free giveaway.

Social Media Locker

The social media locker uses Twitter or Instagram and your chosen hashtag and user account to activate the machine, but the locker is designed to promote excitement and an element of surprise for guests. The machine can have 10+ locker doors that open at random to reveal exciting prizes or products. You can design and produce a social locker to fit your brand and the football theme.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth

Wow guests as their image is augmented with virtual 2D characters, country flags or props over a large screen display. Guests interact and control the experience using hand gestures to create an extraordinary photo keepsake. All photos can be printed and shared via email and social media.

The MLB introduced ’SnapBat’ which was a red and white baseball bat that took selfies of fans and players.

360 Photo Booth

You’ve seen it in the movies and on TV: A frozen moment in time shown from 360 degrees. Now your guests can be a part of the action at your next event with a multi-camera photo experience. This new technology of bullet time, freeze frames, are becoming the perfect experiential marketing sensation. Guests gather around the branded device for an immersive VR selfie. The slow-motion camera arm circles them – recording their moment in the spotlight. Everyone is on the picture!

Dead Rising

Guest-Generated Hashtag Mosaics

Invite guests to participate and create a billboard-sized work of art – live and in real-time, powered by your event’s social media hashtag. Reach new audiences and turn your activation into opportunity one photo at a time.



No matter who you are, you’ll definitely recognise the most famous faces in world football. From David Beckham to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, we can find some brilliant football lookalikes for your event, which are sure to go down very well with attendees.

Football Freestylers

If you’re looking for showcase-style entertainment, then football freestylers are a fantastic option. From incredible skills demonstrations to workshops teaching kids some basic tricks, these stars are real crowd pleasers.

Urban Street Team

Urban Street Team

These super skilled guys and girls would make a great addition to your fan zone offering. The urban street team are the best in their field and would be on hand to encourage and teach children new skills and at the same time keep fit!

Female Football Juggler

Booking a female ball juggler is the perfect thing to do if you’re looking for your attendees to be blown away. This expert performance consists of 1 woman, between 3 and 5 balls and a breathtaking demonstration of training and balance.

Female Football Juggler

Roaming Entertainment

Jugglers, acrobats, unicyclists, stilt walkers, ribbon dancers, marching bands and more. The performers will roam through the venue dressed in costumes or match colours of the games being played, and hand out sweets, balloons, and branded products to the crowds watching.


Human Table Football

Human Table Football

The human table football is a 5 aside game so enter the pitch with your team, choose your position and let the fun begin. Players on the same bar must move left and right together to move across the football pitch, defend and attack as you try to set up your striker and score those all-important goals! The human table football can be customised with your branding for your event.

Football Pool

This fun innovative football game combines the skill and entertainment of football and pool all in one fantastic game. Use your feet to control the balls and put them into the pockets and with lots of game options available the game can be as long or short as you want it to be.

Goalkeeper / Penalty Shootout Challenge

An extremely popular game loved by players of all abilities as well as budding goalkeepers. Here is the chance for players to throw themselves to the top corner to save the balls propelled from our football launch machine.

Kick It Pro Football Simulator

Practice your free kick skills to feel like Christiano Ronaldo in a high-class simulator. Sensors will capture the velocity and trajectory as you blast the ball to try and score the ultimate goal. The kick will be displayed in a 3D environment and 5 shots are taken from different positions to try and beat the goalie

Other Activities

Other football activities to consider are speed shooting cages (that records the speed of the ball shot into a net), accuracy shooting cages, dribbling obstacle courses, reaction sensor stands, and bubble football.

Need help setting up a themed world cup zone or activation? Using our skills, experience, creativity and passion, we deliver an event brand experience to captivate and fulfill the passions of football fans around the world. We can visualize your event dream and easily build or remove elements to give you the best idea and chance to prepare your content.


We also have the widest range of football inflatables at our disposal, in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your branding. All of our event tools and inflatables have branding capabilities.


Get in touch today – the above is just a small sampling of how we can help execute your world cup vision into a unique event that will bring your brand to life.

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